Jim T., Pastor

The blessings and benefits of giving.

Being in the position to give financially is not something that just happens. There is work, and financial management and personal disciplines that are implemented prior to giving. There are many who know the blessing of giving out of poverty (2Cor. 8:1-7), and there are many that know the blessing of giving out of abundance. The apostle Paul reminded the elders in the at Ephesus in Acts 20:35b “to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.

There are some men that God has gifted, and He blesses their labors with a financial fruitfulness. Part of His purpose in doing this is to use these individuals in the support of His works. The many different needs of ministry are seen throughout scripture. In Exodus God separated the Levites and made clear provision for them. All the other tribes were given lands to work and provide while the Levites would be supported by the tithes and offerings of the people.

During the course of my Christian life I have seen Gods blessings upon men and women that were gifted and became financially successful in this world. One man in particular, was a multi-millionaire with an accumulated wealth in the hundreds of millions, and yet he was as humble a man as I’ve met. Though he had all that wealth, I remember the church work day that I was able to work beside him. We filled wheelbarrows with mulch to be spread. If I hadn’t previously known, I would have never guessed that he was a man of that great of wealth. During that same period, as I ran my own business, I worked in the houses of people with wealth, and several times I felt as though I was simply the hired help, and somehow beneath them. Humility ought to be manifest in the life of all Christians, and financial wealth should not hinder that characteristic.

I have been able to work for Brother Singleton for over a year. Having a Christian employer is a blessing. A boss that understands your commitment to church attendance and family is something many do not have. They will face pressure to work on Sundays, and there will be other things that conflict with the Christian life. A Christian employer is also likely to hire other Christians so that you get to have Christian fellowship in the work environment, and that is a great blessing in itself. I get to enjoy this, working for brother Singleton.

I also know brother Singleton to be a giver, financially to Gods work. I know of several church plants that he has given graciously to. As I work to plant Cornerstone Baptist Church, we have been the recipient of his graciousness and giving. The love offering he gave to Cornerstone Baptist enabled the purchase of a portable baptistery, and helped pay for part of our radio broadcast throughout the year, and the purchase of several thousand gospel tracts.

It is a blessing to see God bless the labors of His children, and then to see how is turned into blessings in the lives of those around them. It is a reflection of Gods working in the heart of man.

God Bless.