Michael P., Pastor

I am pleased to bring you a brief history and testimony on the life and character of David Singleton. If I could describe David in one word it would be a giver. He had during this time here given much to the Lord, to the church, to visitors, to my family personally.

How has he given? He gave a vehicle to the church so we could pick up children and adults so they can hear and know the truth. Many have been blessed through this vehicle he gifted to the church. It’s been used for evangelistic efforts; for bus ministry, to move people, to pick up college students at times, and even now we pick up people for church services nearly every week in it. He gave himself to the ministry of the church seeking to be an encouragement to every member. He gave meals, fellowship, rides, encouragement, real help and finances to the missions efforts, door knocking, picking up adults and children, he was ever involved in church work helping wherever and whenever needed. He was a vital helper and giver to me and my family as a pastor; he was like a son in many ways. He brought cheer to my kids and my family; he helped bear the many burdens of the ministry. David is a man with a big heart; he often gave to his own hurt, and would give again and again seeking to be a blessing to both sinners and saints both here and in other places.

In a world with so many takers it has been a blessing to have been blessed by the giver Dave.
God Bless.