An Overwhelming Thought?

You know you need to take charge of your finances. Maybe it’s an area of your life that you’ve been ignoring or neglecting. Maybe you have a handle on the basics, but are looking to take your finances to the next level. Wherever you’re at financially, the fact that you’re visiting this site shows that you desire to honor God with your finances.

Money can be an overwhelming thought. One that you’re even scared of, perhaps. That’s ok. Faith is trusting God and taking the action He has directed you to take even if you can’t yet see the end result. But maybe you’re not even sure where to begin.

That’s where we come in. At Resources for Christ, our desire is to help you align your financial goals with Biblical principles through financial education. Through our classes, videos, seminars, and counseling, we hope to help you take the first step in an exciting financial journey that will test your faith, keep you accountable, and ultimately, help you to obey God’s calling on your life.

Let’s begin the journey. Together.

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